Spark Organics

Fun Facts About Our Fruit Flavors

We love the diversity of flavors we were able to create through our all natural spark fruit chews.  We put together a list of all the fruit flavors we have along with some of the most interesting facts we could find.  So take a seat, open a bag of all natural spark organics fruit chews and see if you knew all these amazing facts!

Pineapple- It can take a Pineapple nearly 3 years to fully ripen.  To make it even stranger Pineapples will no longer ripen once they have been picked unlike most other fruit.

Banana- The bananas that are most commonly eaten today are different than the bananas our parents and grandparents ate because the mass banana devastation from the Panama Disease.  That being said, about 95% of the bananas we eat are the same kind called the Cavendish which are essentially clones. This eliminates many of the seeds and makes the bananas taste better.

Mango- Mangos are the most eaten fruit around the world!  They are extremely common in India are thought of as a gracious present.  When mangos are presented at weddings they are thought to bring the marrying couple bear many children.

Pomegranate- Pomegranates are seen in almost all religious texts and frequently have significant importance in the stories they are featured in.  In many Eastern cultures pomegranates are used as medicine and treatment for a variety of ailments. The Japanese will also use pomegranate trees as bonsai plants because of their twisted bark.

Raspberry- A single raspberry typically consists of approximately 100 smaller fruit called druplets.  Each druplet contains a seed so next time you think you are eating a single raspberry remember how many smaller fruit go into just a single berry!  Raspberries also have more vitamin C than oranges, so grab a box of raspberries next time you are looking for a great source of vitamin C.

Blueberry- Blueberries are native to North America and were only introduced to Europe in the 1930’s.  When you compare blueberries to other berries it scores as number 1 in antioxidants. Additionally because of the high level of vitamins the blueberry is considered a “Superfood”.

Strawberry- Strawberries are the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside of its skin.  Because of this strange trait, many consider the Strawberry to be in its own category of fruit.  This is because all other fruit have their seeds within them.

Peach- Georgia is nicknamed the peach state and they truly take the name to heart.  Every year the largest peach cobbler in the world is created in Georgia that typically is around the measurements of 11 by 5 feet!

Written by Nathan Kallen at Kallen Media.