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What Makes Spark Organics Great?

What Makes Spark Organics Great?

You have tried all sorts of snacks and can’t seem to decide on a great snack.  There are numerous options with very similar information on all of them. Why might you make the decision to choose Spark Organics over the competition?  Here are 4 great reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon and tryout Spark Organics:

The first reason should be because the fruit chews taste so great!  We pride ourselves on having impeccable taste and texture within our products.  There is no product if we don’t have the perfect balance to give our consumers the signature fruit flavors that they love Spark Organics for.  You can find our product in stores all around the US as well as on our own website and through Amazon.  

The second reason is that we have gone out of our way to get certifications to prove to our clients we care.  Spark Organics chews are certified with the Kosher dairy certification meaning all the ingredients are Parve. We also have certification through the Non-GMO Project.  This is currently the highest certification that is available for Non-GMO products. Our dedication to making a delicious, healthy product is one of our driving forces here at Spark Organics.

Thirdly, our fruit chews are made from actual fruit.  We do not use any artificial flavoring and use each fruit for their respected flavor.  Because we use real fruits, our chews are filled with great antioxidants to keep you feeling healthy and refreshed.  Competition like the popular candy Starburst uses artificial flavors and has much more than the 4 grams of sugar that each Spark Organic fruit chew contains.

Finally, we are a family owned and operated business.  By supporting us you are supporting Midwestern born and raised brothers with a dedication to quality and entrepreneurship.  If that isn’t enough, we are also a veteran owned business. Jonathan and Christian are the real deal and are here to make sure that you enjoy every second you have Spark Organics.