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4 Great Ways to Spend A Summer Day

4 Great Ways to Spend A Summer Day

Summer is the perfect time to get active and take advantage of the beautiful weather by going outside.  At Spark Organics, we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. We also know how important it is to keep your body fueled with healthy snacks.  Here are 4 great summer activities that you can do this summer while grabbing a delicious bag of Spark Organics to keep you going:


What better way to spend a beautiful summer day then by going out and exploring nature.  You can go online and look for local parks or hiking trails for you to take an adventure on.  Whether you live in an urban city landscape or a rural area, there are always places you can go to expose yourself to the elements.  One of our favorite spots is the Indiana Dunes which is only a few hours from Chicago, and can provide a full weekend of outdoor fun.  Make sure you don’t forget your essentials before you go be sure to put on sunscreen, drink water, and snack on Spark Organics on your trail.


Biking can be a great way to get to know your own neighborhood, or as another form of transportation.  Instead of driving your car think if you would be able to ride your bike to your favorite restaurant or when you are going to work.  Biking will be sure to keep you in shape while enjoying the beautiful summer weather before it's too cold or dangerous to bike. Cities all over the US are constantly adding bike friendly lanes and trails.  For Chicago our favorite bike route is the 606 which takes you all through the city.

Beach Day

Throw on your bathing suit and hit the beaches while the water is warm and the sun is shining.  Swimming trains nearly every muscle in the body and is a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day.  There are numerous beaches in downtown Chicago like North Avenue beach that are the perfect location for any summer day. It can be easy to pack a lunch of junk food but try substituting candy with Spark Organics to have the great natural fruit flavor for the whole family.  This will complete your perfect pool day matching fun in the sun with great fuel that will keep you going.

Yoga by the water


Take some time out of your day to center yourself with yoga.  This can be done outside or in a studio, but why not take advantage of the few months of perfect weather and get in touch with nature?  This will give your mind a chance to process and relax without all the worries that you have with everyday life. Once a month there is a full moon fire festival filled with yoga and fire dancing.  

No matter what your passion is fuel it with Spark Organics.  You can get in touch with us here or directly place an order on our website.  We look forward to fueling your summer.

Written by Nathan Kallen from Kallen Media.