Spark Organics


Spark Organics. Real fruit, unreal flavor!

We are brothers Jonathan & Christian, Cleveland-born self-proclaimed health enthusiasts with hearty midwest roots and a passion for real, healthful, flavorful food.

Christian is a veteran and amateur chef who loves all things fitness. Jonathan (when not getting creative in the kitchen) can be found at the boxing gym. We both love fruit snacks, but started to wonder...where is the fruit in these so-called fruit snacks? We wanted a fruit snack that we felt good about eating. That's when we set out to create our own!

The goal was to develop the tastiest fruit snacks using real fruit. Unlike other snacks out there, our chews taste like real fruit because that's what they’re made of! We are reclaiming the quality and flavor of food by using only the highest quality ingredients. 

Together we created Spark Organics to bring you real, organic, non-GMO fruit snacks that are guilt free and taste amazing!