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4 Great Ways To Spend Your Fall Weekend

4 Great Ways To Spend Your Fall Weekend

It's finally here!  The leaves are starting to turn and the temperatures are starting to dip.  Fall has arrived and so have all the glorious activities that come with it.  Make the most of your fall by following some of our recommendations for the best way to spend a fall day with your family and friends.

Apple Orchards


Apples are ripening which means it is the perfect time to take a trip to an Apple orchard. Whether you are a family, some friends, or a couple there are sure to be activities for you.  Kids have a great time going through corn mazes and love picking apples. Adults will love the delicious apple products that come from the farms. Most apple orchards are attached to farms that often have animals to interact with.

Pumpkin Picking

Halloween is just around the corner which means it is time to get pumpkins to carve.  Pumpkin patches are bustling this time of year, so they are likely to be crowded on weekends, the closer we get to Halloween.  Farms often will have carving stations at them if you want to make a day of it and carve your pumpkins right after you pick them.  For those less ambitious people, you can take your pumpkins home to carve and then cook the seeds. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on your pumpkin seeds for a savory taste.  Oppositely, sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on your seeds to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Botanical Gardens


Now is the perfect time to get some quality outdoors time in before it gets too cold.  The botanical gardens are looking beautiful this time of year. Leaves are changing colors and the plants are going through change.  This is a different look that offers some diversity from the garden you might see all of summer. A picnic or bike ride to the botanical garden makes it the perfect option for a date.  Make sure you and your date are satisfied by remembering to pack Spark Organics to satisfy all your hunger cravings.

Bike The Lake

Lake Michigan is still warm for the last bit before summer comes to an end.  Capitalize on that time by biking along the trails near Lake Shore Drive. These trails are full of bikers and runners alike.  No matter what your exercise of choice is, get out there and get some fresh air before it is time to bundle up and stay inside.